Our highlightsAll intensity metrics are per RUB 1 mln of IFRS revenue.


GHG emissions (Scope 1 and 2)Including a GHG emissions provision for the Sulphur Programme and GHG emissions generated from heat and electricity supply to the public. (mt of CO2 equivalent)
Actual GHG emissions intensity (Scope 1 and 2) (t of CO2 equivalent / RUB mln)
Share of renewables in electricity consumption (%)
Total water withdrawal (m3)
Water withdrawal intensity (‘000 m3 / RUB mln)
Share of water reused and recycled (%)
Waste generation (mt)
Waste generation intensity (kt / RUB mln)
Waste recovery (mt)
Air pollutant emissions (mt)
Air pollution intensity (t / RUB mln)

Labour practices

Health and safety expenses per employee (RUB ’000)
Nornickel’s average headcount (thousand people)
Nornickel employees covered by collective bargaining agreements (%)
Average monthly salary at Nornicke (RUB ‘000)
Spending on social programmes, charity, and social infrastructureExcluding contingent liabilities in relation to future social projects. (RUB bn)
Support for indigenous Northern minorities (RUB mln)
Tax and non-tax payments to budgets of various levels (RUB bn)