Nornickel's contribution to the Environment national project

The Environment national project is aimed at significantly improving the environmental conditions and delivering a positive impact on the health of people in Russia.

Relevant UN SDGs

Relevant federal projects:

  • Clean Country;
  • Clean Air;
  • Clean Water;
  • Conservation of Unique Water Bodies;
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism Development;
  • Implementing the Best Available Technologies.

Environmental management priorities


Key projects

  • Clean Norilsk
  • Building a crushing unit for construction waste recycling
  • Recycling of large tyres and rubber products.

Key results

Waste recovery at Nornickel’s sites grew
by 19.5%
vs 2021 to 33 mt
Industrial waste collection in the Norilsk Industrial District
delivered 6.5X increase
vs 2021 to 510 kt
Reuse of waste increased
by 31.8%
vs 2021 to 17.8 mt


Key projects

  • Improving the closed waster circuit
  • Preventing pollution from entering rivers
  • Cleaning polluted water bodies and their shores.

Key results

Total wastewater discharge reduced
by 16.3%
vs 2021 to 168.0 mcm
13.1 kt
of wastewater
and 1 kt
of waste collected by trash interceptor vessels


Key projects

  • Sulphur Programme
  • Air quality monitoring and forecasting system.

Key results

29 stations
installed and put into trial operation as part of the air quality monitoring system


Key projects

  • Big Scientific Expedition
  • Cooperation agreements with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Key results

Three key regions of operation and a section of the Northern Sea Route explored during the Big Scientific Expedition
Aerial survey of polar bears conducted on Wrangel Island
Two polar bears rescued from death
Gyrfalcon conservation agreement concluded


Key projects

Most of Nornickel's projects with a positive environmental effect involve technological advances.