SASB METALS&MINING content index

Topic SASB code Accounting metric Disclosure Page/link Comment
Greenhouse gas emissions EM-MM-110a.1 Gross global Scope 1 emissions Full Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations No emissions-limiting regulations are imposed in Russia.
EM-MM-110a.2 Discussion of long-term and short-term strategy or plan to manage Scope 1 emissions, emissions reduction targets, and an analysis of performance against those targets Full Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
Air quality EM-MM-120a.1 Air emissions of the following pollutants:
CO Not disclosed
NOx (excluding N2O) Full Air Pollutant Emissions
SOx Full Air Pollutant Emissions
Particulate matter (PM 10) Full Air Pollutant Emissions
Mercury (Hg) Not disclosed
Lead (Pb) Not disclosed
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Full Air Pollutant Emissions
Energy management EM-MM-130a.1 Total energy consumed
Percentage grid electricity Not disclosed
Percentage renewable Full Utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources
Water management EM-MM-140a.1 Total fresh water withdrawn Full Appendices
Total fresh water consumed Full Appendices
Percentage of each in regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress Full Appendices>
EM-MM-140a.2 Number of incidents of non-compliance associated with water quality permits, standards, and regulations Not disclosed
Waste & hazardous materials management EM-MM-150a.4 Total weight of non-mineral waste generated Full Appendices
EM-MM-150a.5 Total weight of tailings produced Full Appendices
EM-MM-150a.6 Total weight of waste rock generated Full Appendices
EM-MM-150a.7 Total weight of hazardous waste generated Full Appendices
EM-MM-150a.8 Total weight of hazardous waste recycled Full Appendices
EM-MM-150a.9 Number of significant incidents associated with hazardous materials and waste management Not disclosed
EM-MM-150a.10 Description of waste and hazardous materials management policies and procedures for active and inactive operations Full Sustainable Waste and Tailing Dump Management, Waste Disposal
Biodiversity impacts EM-MM-160a.1 Description of environmental management policies and practices for active sites Full Biodiversity
EM-MM-160a.2 Percentage of mine sites where acid rock drainage is:
Predicted to occur Not disclosed
Actively mitigated Not disclosed
Under treatment or remediation Not disclosed
EM-MM-160a.3 Percentage of:
Proved reserves in or near sites with protected conservation status or endangered species habitat Not disclosed
Probable reserves in or near sites with protected conservation status or endangered species habitat Not disclosed
Security, human rights & rights of indigenous peoples EM-MM-210a.1 Percentage of:
Proved reserves in or near areas of conflict Full 0%
Probable reserves in or near areas of conflict Full 0%
EM-MM-210a.2 Percentage of:
Proved reserves in or near indigenous land Full 0%
Probable reserves in or near indigenous land Full 0%
EM-MM-210a.3 Discussion of engagement processes and due diligence practices with respect to human rights, indigenous rights, and operation in areas of conflict Full Human Rights, Interaction with Indigenous Minorities
Community relations EM-MM-210b.1 Discussion of process to manage risks and opportunities associated with community rights and interests Full Interaction with Indigenous Minorities
EM-MM-210b.2 Number and duration of non-technical delays Full No delays recorded.
Labour relations EM-MM-310a.1 Percentage of active workforce covered under collective bargaining agreements, broken down by US and foreign employees Partial Occupational Health and Safety
EM-MM-310a.2 Number and duration of strikes and lockouts Full No such incidents.
Workforce health and safety EM-MM-320a.1 MSHA all-incidence rate Full Workplace Injuries
Fatality rate Full Workplace Injuries
Near miss frequency rate (NMFR) Full Workplace Injuries
Average hours of health, safety, and emergency response training for (a) full-time employees and (b) contractors Full OHS Training
Business ethics and transparency EM-MM-510a.1 Description of the management system for prevention of corruption and bribery throughout the value chain Full Business Ethics and Anti-corruption
EM-MM-510a.2 Production in countries that have the 20 lowest rankings in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index Full We do not operate in such countries.
Tailing dump management EM-MM-540a.1 Tailing dump inventory table: facility name, location, ownership status, operational status, construction method, maximum permitted storage capacity, current amount of tailings stored, consequence classification, date of most recent independent technical review, material findings, mitigation measures, site-specific emergency preparedness and response plan (EPRP) Partial Waste Disposal
EM-MM-540a.2 Summary of tailings management systems and governance structure used to monitor and maintain the stability of tailing storage facilities Full Waste Disposal
EM-MM-540a.3 Approach to development of emergency preparedness and response plans (EPRPs) for tailing dumps Full Waste Disposal
Activity metric EM-MM-000.A Production of:
Metal ores Not disclosed
Finished metal products Not disclosed
Activity metric EM-MM-000.B Total number of employees, percentage of contractors Partial Staff Composition