Strategic vision GRI 2-23, 2-24

Our mission

Supply the world with non-ferrous metals, efficiently and safely using natural resources and equity to realise people’s aspirations for development and technological progress.

Our values

People is our Company’s key value. Over the eight decades of working in the Far North, Nornickel has developed unique infrastructure and professional competencies that enable the Company to leverage its mineral resources as efficiently as possible and to maintain the impeccable quality of products. Our employees rely on values that the Company has cherished over the years of its operations.


The ability to face any challenges while keeping the business successful and prosperous


The willingness to deliver on commitments, take decisions and assume the responsibility for their outcomes


The ability to achieve results with a minimum expenditure of time and effort


The rational expansion and modernisation of production assets, implementation of the leading-edge technologies and improvement of employees’ professional skills

Professional excellence

The ability to achieve results in any conditions or environment


The Company’s employees are ready, willing and able to achieve goals by joining their efforts

Plant Norilsk Nickel