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Nornickel is a leader of the Russian metals and mining industry, ranks No. 1 among the world’s producers of high-grade nickel and palladium, and is one of the major producers of platinum, cobalt, other metals and other chemical elements (a total of 13) globally. Our metals are essential for the low-carbon economy and green transport.

Nornickel’s products


The Company is a vertically integrated holding boasting a full production cycle, from ore mining to refining, along with its own energy, transportation, and support assets, along with R&D.

Nornickel is the largest business in the Russian Arctic and a mainstay of local economies.

Position in the industry For palladium, nickel, platinum, and rhodium markets — in terms of refined metals production (including tolling arrangements), for the copper market — in terms of mining.

Proven and probable reserves A decrease in ore reserves and inferred resources in the Norilsk Industrial District mainly ensued from the impact a change in economic parameters and a new MET rate had had on the feasibility of developing a portion of disseminated ore from the Taimyr Ore Cluster after 2035.

Nornickel’s contribution to the International Cooperation and Exports national project

Related federal projects
  • Industrial exports;
  • international trade and logistics.
Nornickel’s key business areas
  • Metal product exports;
  • Development of the ice-breaking fleet and transportation along the Northern Sea Route;
  • Transport accessibility in far-flung regions.
Key results for 2022
  • 4.88 mt/km freight traffic along the Northern Sea Route.

Production and supply chain


In 2020, Nornickel Group and MMC Norilsk Nickel units merged into four core divisions – Norilsk, Kola, Trans-Baikal and Energy.

MMC Norilsk Nickel’s Head Office is located in Moscow.

Core companies and business units

Norilsk Division
Lake and mountains
Key facilities

Polar Division

Medvezhy Ruchey

The Norilsk Division is located on the Taimyr Peninsula in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia. It operates the largest deposits in the Company’s portfolio and boasts a full metals production cycle from ore mining to the shipment of finished products.

The Norilsk Division mines rich, cupriferous, disseminated copper-nickel sulphide ores. The Talnakhskoye and Oktyabrskoye deposits are developed by Taimyrsky, Oktyabrsky, Komsomolsky, Skalisty and Mayak Mines. Nornickel also holds an exploration licence for the Western flanks of the Oktyabrskoye deposit. Zapolyarny Mine develops the Norilsk-1 disseminated ore deposit through open-pit and underground mining.

The mined ore is processed at Talnakh and Norilsk Concentrators. The resulting thickened concentrates are transported via slurry pipelines to Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and Copper Plant for further processing. The Norilsk Division’s facilities also process copper-nickel concentrate and copper in semi-products from the Kola Division along with gold concentrate from the Trans-Baikal Division. The Norilsk Division produces high-grade nickel matte sent to Kola MMC, copper cathodes, commercial sulphur, selenium, precious metal concentrate and tellurium ingots.

Kola Division
Polar lights
Key facilities

Kola MMC

Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta OY

The Kola Division is located on the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk Region, and in Finland. It develops deposits of the Western Ore Cluster located within a 25-kilometre stretch between Nickel and Zapolyarny in the west of the Murmansk Region. The division mines disseminated copper-nickel sulphide ores containing nickel, copper and other valuable metals. The mined ore is processed at Zapolyarny Concentrator, with the resulting sulphide concentrate then supplied to the Norilsk Division and for sale.

Kola MMC’s production facilities in Monchegorsk process converter matte from the Polar Division. Kola MMC’s end products are nickel cathodes, nickel carbonyl, electrolytic cobalt and cobalt concentrate. The division also produces precious metal concentrates, copper in semi-products to be processed at the Norilsk Division, crushed converter matte, sulphuric acid, and saleable copper and nickel concentrates.

Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta is Nornickel’s subsidiary in Finland, Harjavalta, processing the Company’s own Russian feedstock and third-party nickel feedstock. Harjavalta is the only nickel refinery in Finland and one of the largest similar facilities in Europe. Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta’s end products are nickel cathodes, briquettes, salts, powders and solutions, cobalt sulphate and solution and PGM-bearing copper cake sent for processing to the Norilsk Division.

Trans-Baikal Division
Open pit
Key facilities

GRK Bystrinskoye

Located in the Gazimuro-Zavodsky District, Trans-Baikal Territory, the Trans-Baikal Division mines gold-iron-copper ores of the Bystrinskoye deposit, 16 km east of Gazimursky Zavod. Nornickel also holds licences to explore the flanks of Bystrinskoye and Bystrinsko-Shirinskoye deposits.

The mined ores are processed at Bystrinsky Concentrator into saleable copper and iron ore concentrates and gold concentrate sent to the Norilsk Division.

Energy Division
Loading on the pit
Key facilities





Located in the Norilsk Industrial District, power generating and grid facilities supply heat and electricity to production assets and local consumers.

Gas production and transportation assets produce and transport natural gas and condensate from fields to consumers.

Fuel assets supply light and dark petroleum products to the Far North and store them locally.

Production chain